Submissions Guidelines

NightBlock publishes poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, comics, short films, art & art criticism.

Our aim in selecting submissions for publication is to prioritize writing that considers the urgent present, the difficult past, and the impossible future. We want well-crafted, deeply considered art. We want hard-to-categorize, never-before-seen, slight-of-hand magic tricks.

Currently, we are OPEN for submissions for Edition 12: Queer Climates. Deadline is EXTENDED to March 31, 2019 at midnight.

Submitted work should have some thematic relationship to weather, melting icecaps, sweating bodies, natural resource competition, sex stories, Earth & plastic, sun & mutations, holes (atmospheric & otherwise *wink wink*), carbon tax, sex worker rights, environmental policy, de- or re-forestation, pubes, waste streams going straight into the ocean, galaxies, genetic modification, righteous anger, righteous lust, or all of the above.

We do not accept previously published material, including works that have already appeared online. 

We do accept simultaneous submissions — just let us know if your work gets picked up somewhere else first. We also accept collaborations.

Please submit up to four poems or six pages of fiction/nonfiction/art criticism in one document (.doc or .docx) in an email attachment to For media submissions (cartoons, films, art), please submit no more than four examples of your work in a .zip drive attachment to

Make sure your subject line reads: “LAST NAME” / “GENRE”, Edition 12. Please include a short cover letter and a brief bio in the body of your email. 

We are very tiny, but we will try to respond as soon as we possibly can. Typical response time is 3-4 months.

Also, if you send us work which is in any way plagiarized and we find out, you better believe we are putting you on blast. If you send us work that is misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, or otherwise devoid of empathy for your fellow human— we are going to send you a nasty email response and block you from submitting ever again.